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A 14 piece custom glass sculpture collection connecting nature and art

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Uniqueness in every sculpture


The wood collected from nature builds the basis for every sculpure comparable to every lifeform finding their basis in the nature.


Can glass grow like wood? Can it connect with nature and become one with it? Can it radiate out of itself?


Layer after layer purposefully built up and glued. Hour after hour specially processed. Day after day the process is brought to completion

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Brandenberger Ache
Rienz II
Rienz I
Stecchi I
Stecchi II
Hohen Verschneit


Each sculpture is as unique as it gets. Starting from the wood to the glassstructure and the polishing

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Peter Wiechenthaler

Peter Wiechenthaler was born in 1984 in the small town of Saalfelden in the province of Salzburg. As the child of a building contractor and an artistically talented mother, he recognized the joy of craftsmanship at an early age.

He fell in love with glass sculptures and in the following years, he was creatively active, practiced his profession as a masseur and was very busy with himself an the meaning of life which inevitably led him back to his dream. He now lives in Bressanone / South Tyrol and is creating his glass sculptures there since 2022.


This roadmap outlines the Creation of each sculpure. To be clear: No sculpture has the same creation-process. Still there are some steps that cant be left out.


The base is a found piece of wood. Mainly driftwood. Grown over years, dead and processed by the raging river.


In this found driftwood lies the basis of the emerging work of art. Here starts the idea process what can become of it and thus gives the process of creation. How can glass elegantly and gracefully growing connect with it?


Layer by layer, glass plates are cut and glued. They are sanded, glued and cut again until a rough shape of the entire work is created.


The root is plastered, brushed or partially embedded. The rough glass block is ground, chiseled, engraved, sandblasted and polished until the desired fusion is complete.


Art for the digital world. The 1:1 three-dimensional image provides an additional value! A unique piece for the physical world and a unique piece for the digital world.

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Rienz I
Stecchi II

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